Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's snot you, it's me.

I've been at this for nearly 7 months. Pee doesn't faze me. Poop is gross, but can be dealt with. Spit-up makes me gag a little, but I've pretty much conquered the disgust.

Snot, however, continues to utterly gross me out. Poor kid has a head cold and I'm fixated on not getting the snot on my shoulder when he rubs his head on it.

In other news... We're buying a house! And it's great! And the boy will have his own room that his parents don;t also use as a closet! Lucky boy.

More on that later. Maybe. I haven't been feeling terribly witty or interesting lately. AND I'm too damn lazy to upload pictures, so this site has been dormant. I have the February Blahs. March may be better.


Lynnipoo said...

Snot makes me gag. I walked over to M today, who was rubbing his face...only to find both hands covered and snot from forehead to chin. GAG. I contemplated my options before realizing I really needed to clean him. :-(

Miranda said...

Blech. Hope he feels better soon!