Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It would be nice to have a prodigy...

The boy likes music a lot. Since I don't have that much experience with little kids I don't know if this is run of the mill or sort of special.

He particularly likes the piano a his Auntie Zosia's house, and Android's drum kit that is set up in our basement. I really need to get video of their little jam sessions. The boy will sit on the stool with his feet hooked under the snare drum to keep him steady. He'll hold a drumstick in each fist and will wave them around gleefully and bang each drum or cymbal in turn.

Android always said he'd never push his kid into playing the drums but he'd be supportive if they wanted to. And as he said the other night "Do you know how convenient it would be if he wanted to be a drummer?"

He also said "All he needs is a little sister on upright bass."

Ha! I'm totally holding him to that.


TexasCoy said...

OMG, awesome. School of Rock in Abbey's house.

Miranda said...

Too cute! Lillian loves the piano too! Anytime we are at adam's parent's house we have to let her play. She is so dainty and precise about it. I sure hope she keeps her interest. Or I may just have to force her to take lessons when she doesn't want to.....I'd totally do it too. :-)

Zosia said...

Prodigy. Seriously! That kid's got rhythm. He can come over anytime to play!

Mama Grouch said...

That photo of him ROCKS. Get thee to a frame store this INSTANT. Classic.

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