Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Weeks

It's been over three weeks since the boy has had a pacifier.

He was super-addicted. Like, alarmingly so. He would giggle uncontrollably if he saw one across the room. He would scream and beg for one if he knew there was one in my pocket.

He started calling them "Thum". I don't know where he got that since we've never called them anything other than "Nuk", but whatever.

We finally decided it was time. Time to say goodbye to the thing our child loved most in the world because his dentist threatened my life if it wasn't gone by the next appointment. Time to give our kid a shot at straight teeth and no speech impediment.

(On a more selfish note, I didn't want to have a four year old with a pacifier in his mouth. That's just weird.)

After researching the best way to do it I ended up doing what made the most sense to me; I snipped the tip. I cut the tip off of each of his Nuks and let him use them. This angered the Czar, but he quickly lost interest. Then we threw them away. For the next few days he asked for is "thum" but I told him they were broken and that he had thrown them in the garbage.

You know what? It totally worked. He finally got the fact that they were gone - no more.

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TexasCoy said...

HAHA. I'm dreading that day!

Lynnipoo said...

Awesome job! I guess I can't exactly cut the tip off of Matthew's thumb and I do not have a game plan for getting him to stop. This could be bad.

Rachel Rolseth said...

I sucked my nuk until I was ten years old! My mom had to tell me that they stopped making them to get me to stop. Good for you for doing it now, cos yeah, it's pretty weird to be 4 with a pacifier.

It was good to meet you. I can't wait for your etsy to be up!