Thursday, March 5, 2009

You call him WHAT?

I'm a big old copycat. I admit it. I got the subject of this post here. And here.

We don't call him The Czar at home. For some reason it never caught on.

I think it started with Bud. Then Buddy. Then Buddybutt.

Then Butterbutt (That's all Android. I have no idea).

It finally settled on Butter. Not to be confused with Butters.

Depending on our respective moods he's also: Puddin' Pop, Mister Man, Demon Child and Your Baby.


Miranda said...

YAY! Too cute Abbey! AND how could I forget butters. I always call her that when I changer her Diaper, and I always think of Butters from South Park!

Ren said...

LOL @ "your baby" -- I wonder when that one is used...?