Friday, May 15, 2009

Early Aversion To Housework.

I vacuumed the living room rug today. The Russian Mafia (My new nickname for the Czar and my nephew Max - clever, nyet?) were displeased by this. Max objected by lying stock still on his play gym and hoping the monster would go away.

The Czar was pissed. He immediately burst into tears and started flapping his hands at the wrists in a totally panicked way. Then, instead of running away, he started crawling toward the vacuum. I think he was trying to get to me and he was really mad at the mean loud thing that was in the way.

Poor baby.

I was doubled over laughing. I actually kept vacuuming a little longer than necessary because I was laughing so much. I'm such a bad mom.

There may be a dearth of pictures for the foreseeable future. I think the camera has kicked the bucket and I need to convince Android that we need a new one. Shouldn't take too long as I am not above throwing a full-on temper tantrum.