Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Real Hawk.

I know my many millions of readers are wondering where I've been lately - I'm here. I'm just not terribly poetic lately.

However, I shaved my kid's head, AND I took pictures.

(MamaGrouch - this is the one where I think he looks like a blond Creep)


Miranda said...

I just LOVE him abbey! He's so cute! I think the Mohawk fits him well too!

Corie M. said...

Abbey - do you watch basketball? If you put a headband on him, he'd be the Birdman from the Denver Nuggets! haha

lissatude said...

Such a little stud!

Mama Grouch said...

I can see the cheeky resemblance...but he still just looks like a peanut.