Saturday, June 27, 2009

Must have been a good snack.

My kid choked on a piece of pear yesterday. At first I thought he was playing - sometimes he sticks his tongue out at me while he's eating, so I thought he was flirting with me until his face started turning red and he gave me the crazy eyes.

Anyway, I stayed totally calm and did exactly what I remember from CPR class - I took the tray off his highchair, unbuckled him, flipped him over and whacked him on the back. When the piece of pear emerged from his throat hooked it and swept it out with my finger.

The boy was scared and sad, but I gave him a sippy of water and put him on the couch. He kept glaring at me like this whole ordeal was my fault. Then he rolled off the couch and crawled over to the discarded highchair tray and finished his snack. It was a good snack, I guess - yogurt melts, graham crackers and (of course) pears.

I did everything exactly right, but all I could think of was that I'm not certified in infant and child CPR anymore and that scared the living shit out of me.


waterskibarb said...

Good Mom, good job! You did a great job!!!

Zosia said...

Whoa! This is so scary. Good job on the saving.

OmaVargo said...

No pressure, but you have always been one to keep a cool head in a crucial moment. Or, you were born with the "Don't Panic" gene.

Well done.