Friday, July 3, 2009

Slow News Day

I dyed my kid's hair with Kool-aid today. It was supposed to be red on one side and blue on the other (with the white blonde 'hawk in between) but I got impatient and annoyed that my fingers were getting stained, and then I was worried he would look like Massive Head Wound Harry, so I put him in the tub before the "dye" really took.

Now he's kind of tinted pink and baby blue. Maybe I'll give him a patriotic tattoo as well.

Perhaps I will try again for Bastille day.

What else? Oh, he is so close to walking. He can even go a good three or four feet before he starts overthinking things and collapses to the ground.

Oh, and my computer and my camera aren't on speaking terms right now. No idea why. Until they work things out there will be no pictures.

And I deleted both my Myspace and Twitter accounts. I only ever used MySpace to stalk people, and I only signed up for Twitter so I could follow my friend's account of her labor and delivery. Cate is now several months old and I haven't used it since. Time for me to let go. I'm just not cool enough to be so connected. I'm contemplating weeding out my Facebook friends, but that seems kind of ruthless.

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