Thursday, August 21, 2008

Braggin' on my husband.

I meant to write and Ode to the Android on my pregnancy blog, especially after I had given birth. Now I have more ammunition for a LUV-post because this man is like, the best father ever.

When I was pregnant he rubbed my feet, and he got me glasses of water when I couldn't roll my perfectly spherical self out of bed, he let me whine about pretty much everything, he took the childbirth classes very seriously, and used that information in labor and delivery!

I never had the movie/sitcom childbirth moment where I screamed at him "You bastard! You did this to me!". I never had to. He was lovely and supportive during the whole ridiculous process. However, at the end (when the epidural wore off for the third time) he started to panic. His three phrases "You're doing great! Breathe, honey! You can do this!" were coming as hard and as fast as my contractions. I finally looked at him and said "You have GOT to calm down! You are freaking me out!"

Poor guy. I've never seen him that panicked in my life. To his credit, he pulled it together.

When our baby made his appearance we were both overwhelmed. This tiny person caused me s much pain, and I wasn't mad at it in the slightest! Normally I'm one to hold a grudge, but not this time. The Android was obviously smitten at first sight, and so far this has continued on.

He learned to change a diaper in the hospital, and he was the only one who did it for the first three days. He figured I get to feed him, so he may as well bond with Baby over the Diaper Champ. That was a sweet setup for me since I couldn't really move much without bleeding everywhere.

Now that he's back at work, he doesn't get as much time with the Czar as he would like. He makes up for it by coming home and immediately cuddling the guts out of our boy. And the Czar loves him. He's fascinated by the blonde guy with the hairy face who talks to him and makes faces and is generally goofy at him.

So, my husband, I salute you.


Miranda said...

Very sweet Abbey!

Sally-Anne said...

Aww. This post actually made me cry a little. I hope that when our time eventually comes, my DF is this good!