Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One less thing to worry about.

When the Czar was 24 hours old the hospital gave him a hearing test. His right ear failed not once, but twice. This is relatively common as newborns have spent the last nine months floating around in amniotic fluid, and some of it is bound to be wedged in small spaces like ear canals.

They gave us the number for an audiologist and we made an appointment for today. He passed with flying colors, thank goodness.

I kinda figured his hearing was fine because the other day I was nursing him on the couch in the living room (way at the front of the apartment), and the Android came home from work through the back door (all the way at the back of the apartment) - he called out "I'm home!" and the Czar whipped his head around (nearly taking my nipple with him - luckily he let go) and looked around for Daddy.

He is a daddy's boy. I am merely a food source.

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waterskibarb said...

That is great news, and what a sweet story that he is already familiar with his dad's voice!!!