Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reasons I'm Loving Not Being Pregnant

10. I can sleep on my belly.
9. I have to pee about one tenth of the time that I used to.
8. I can take a HOT bath without boiling my kid's brain.
7. My wedding rings fit again!
6. No more tent-like maternity tops!
5. I can shave my legs without having a giant belly get in the way. ('Course, I haven't had time to shave my legs, but the point is I could.)
4. No one touches my stomach without permission.
3. My feet are no longer bloated beyond all recognition.
2. Hey! I can see my feet!

And the number one reason I am LOVING not being pregnant:
I haven't had heartburn in three weeks.

It's the little things.


mary said...


I will surely be on prevacid and zantac for next 15 weeks or so....

Ren said...

*Sigh* I just want some energy back.

Miranda said...

I'm jealous you can fit your rings...I still can't fit mine, almost 3 months later. :-(