Monday, September 22, 2008

This mom thing...

It's been nearly eight weeks. Some days it seems like a miniscule amount of time (and in the grander scheme of things, I guess it is.) and some days it feels like I've been at this forever.

This mom thing is rewarding. When my kid flirts with me and gives me a smile so big it threatens to take over his face, when I correctly guess why he is crying and fix it before he breaks into a full on screaming fit, when I manage to pull a shirt over his head without suffocating him or breaking his neck (technically there has never been a possibility, but my rationale flew out the window weeks ago.).

I do a touchdown dance every time I recognize his sleepy signs and put him down for a nap - and he's sound asleep within a minute. Man, that's good stuff.

He's growing up so much. Every day I realize he does something a little better, a little stronger. He's getting cuter - if that's possible. And his face is endlessly fascinating to me. Sometimes when he's asleep I have to physically restrain myself from waking him up to play with him. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is knowing that that would be monumentally stupid. Never wake a sleeping baby. So, I watch him. And I kiss him. A lot. And I rub his feet and he makes little purring and grunting noises.

He continues being fairly perfect.

How do people have twins? My head would explode.

*Oh, and lest you think I believe I am the best mom ever, here's a fun tidbit: Yesterday I cut his right thumb while attempting to trim his nails. He cried for five seconds, I cried for five minutes. It was the first time I ever used the teeny baby nail clippers. I'm sticking with the nail file for now.


Ren said...

This post made me tear up. And not because of the nail clippers.

Miranda said...

I have clipped lily too. She is so used to it it doesn't even phaze her anymore. :-)

Happy 8 Weeks Ivan!