Monday, December 22, 2008

Baking with Babies

It's a cookbook! A COOKBOOK!

If you got that obscure reference, please leave me a comment.

Anyway - today I stunk my house up with Christmas cheer. I made my fabulous cheddar shortbread nuggets, and some slightly less fabulous brown sugar and oatmeal shortbread cookies. They aren't bad, the just aren't right. I might mess around with the recipe, or I might scrap the whole idea and stick with the cheddar shortbread. We'll see. All I know is I've blown through five pounds of butter today and I am tired.

And a little sick. I accidentally tasted way too much dough. And obviously I had to taste the finished products... Now I want to vomit.

The child did not make baking easy. Instead of getting it done in one fell swoop, I had to break it up into increments and hope against hope he wouldn't decide to melt down when I had a fistful of dough.

Christmas is almost here and I have the overwhelming desire to cut off communication with the outside world and sleep for three days. Naturally, I have to do the exact opposite. I have to be social and presentable, and I won't be allowed to lounge in my garden gnome pajama pants from dawn til dusk.

I think I may have to work a little harder on the Christmas cheer.


OmaVargo said...

Is it something Pooh?

Toby Levy Lowe said...

I'm sad you didn't like the brown sugar and oatmeal shortbread much. Though I have to the cheddar ones sound fantastic and I might be disappointed in the brown sugar ones after that too!

Jesse said...

You can wear your pjs to the nerd dinner if you want.

Sally-Anne said...

I'm hoping you were referring to "To Serve Man." Classic Twilight Zone!

webbith said...

YAY! You're right! Awesome, SA!