Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lies! All lies!

The kid does not, in fact, have a tooth coming through.

Apparently Mother Nature thought it would be a funny trick to make little hard white bumps* pop up on your baby's gums before they start teething. You get all excited and you figure that your child is obviously way ahead of the game, and then-Poof! Gone. All gone.

He's just a toothless little guy who drools all the time.

My baby is essentially the town drunk without the booze.

*These are called eruption cysts. I would have posted a link, but I couldn't find one without scary pictures. The bump on my kid's gum wasn't nearly as scary as these were - so I'll spare you. You're welcome.


Miranda said...

Hmmm Interesting.

But can't they sorta come in and out for quite a while before they come in?

Zosia said...

Man! Who knew such a thing existed? Babies are weird.