Friday, April 3, 2009

Active bleeding.

So, I was telling a friend about the various bumps and bruises the Czar has gotten in the last few weeks from just being a wild crawling thing.

She asked "Has he actively bled yet?". I asked if scratching himself on the face counted and she said no, "Actual running blood."

I had not experienced that yet and was glad of it because it sounds awful and blood in general makes me squeamish, so my child's blood, well, that's intolerable, right?


Last night I came home to my husband changing my son's clothes on the bed. I walk in and he says "Don't freak out, but..." and he holds up a white shirt with several spots of blood on the collar. Apparently the boy was crawling, fell, and the one tooth he has cut his upper gum. The Czar was deliriously happy that I was home, he crawled toward me, the paci fell out of his mouth and there was a ring of pink drool around his mouth. Poor kid.

We couldn't do much except find him a sleeper that you wouldn't be able to see bloodstains on.
(Oh, shut up. You'd do the same thing.)

He's fine now, but I am looking into finding him a helmet, mouth guard and chain mail to wear until he's in kindergarten.


Miranda said...

Awe poor baby.

My MIL is always paranoid that Lily will fall down and Knock out the 2 teeth she has. LOL. At least they are baby teeth I tell her.

OmaVargo said...

Never stop finding the funny in your child!