Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hunt for the Elusive Tooth

Too lazy to think of a clever title. Totally stole one from Mama Grouch.

The child has one single, solitary tooth at the moment. I swear it gets sharper by the day and the boy is realizing that chewing on stuff feels extra good. Unfortunately his gnaw of choice is my hand. I was expecting a fever, diaper rash, and major crabbiness, but the only thing we got this time around was rivers of drool.

It was tough to get a picture, and the one I finally got isn't even that good. No matter, it's there and I can relax about my child being the only baby I know with no teeth. (No kidding. I was having nightmares about him being completely toothless for the rest of his life.

That's the stinkeye if I ever saw it.

"No! Get away from my mouth!"

I took this one while he was sleeping. Poor sucker. (It's there, I swear.)

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Miranda said...

Yay for baby teeth!

The teething didn't really affect lily much either. Well, she did have a pretty knarly diaper rash but that could have been coincidental too.