Friday, April 3, 2009

A Boy and his Spoon

My weird child does not have a security blanket. He has a security spoon. Six of them, actually. They are his absolute favorite Spring accessory and he feels naked without one clutched in his sticky little hand.

I have learned that if I'm going to dress him, I must first put the arm without the spoon into the sleeve, then transfer said spoon to the opposite hand and put the other arm in.

He crawls with a spoon in his hand. He beams with pleasure when we present him with a spoon after he hasn't seen one for ten minutes. He gnaws thoughtfully on the spoon while watching the kitties sleep in the windowsill.

I never want to lose these spoons.

Settling down for bedtime with Spoon.

Hanging out on the couch with Spoon.

Just chillin' with Spoon.

Crawling with Spoon.

Eating with Spoon. (Different than "eating with spoon".)

Playing with toy (without neglecting Spoon).

Reading with Spoon. (Look closely - it's in his left hand.)


OmaVargo said...

This is where I point out that "See-Boon" was one of his mum's first words...

Zosia said...

This may be the funniest thing I've ever read.

TexasCoy said...


Miranda said...

love it, I think you should NAME the spoon since it's such an important part of his life!

Gaboosh said...

Too cute! You should by another 6 pack for back up. My cousin's security blanket was jammies- shirt, pants, one piece- it didn't matter. He just snuggled up with an extra pair of his (or his baby sister's-didn't matter) jammies. It was nice, as long as his parents always remembered to pack extra jammies wherever they went!

Jesse said...

Again, you can't feel guilty for not keeping a traditional baby book. This is priceless.