Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not a baby.

A lot of parents say they miss the infant stage. The innocence, the baby smell, the general smallness. The immobility.

I remember the infant stage. They can have it.

I don't miss the infant stage because it made me uncomfortable to have someone depend on me so completely. I can't be everything to this small person, are you kidding?

So now, when he spends 45 minutes on the sun porch talking to himself and the cats and watching the buses pass, I can relax. He's going to be okay - at least until he bonks his head and wants Mom to kiss it.

He's not little anymore. I can see the four, five, ten-year-old boy he will be. All legs and blond hair and a smile that will break a thousand hearts.

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Zosia said...

Yeah, so this didn't make me cry or anything.