Thursday, July 30, 2009

To my Butter on your first birthday,

Last night I told your Dad that I wanted to set my alarm for 1:16am so I could go in and kiss you Happy Birthday at the exact time you came into this world. I didn't do it because I figured I'd end up waking you up and no one likes to miss out on birthday sleep.

Then the weirdest thing happened: you woke me up at 1:15. You were crying in your crib and I went to get you and bring you back to bed with us. You fell asleep as soon as I picked you up. I probably could have put you back in the crib for a few hours, but instead I woke Papa up and he kissed your forehead and wished you a very happy birthday.

The last year has been like that, kid - every moment has been a little odd, a new adventure, or leaves us completely floundering in a sea of parenthood.

We love you more than you can possibly know.


Mama Grouch said...

Wow, look at the difference from birth to longer a baby little boy!

Amy B said...

Wow, I could swear we had the exact same sleeper for Ben as a baby--if I didn't know that I didn't give you any baby clothes I'd swear that was a handmedown from us. HAPPY B-DAY IVAN. Not like there are any other July birthdays in your family, eh?

blj said...

Great writting mom, what a wonderful family you have!

OmaVargo said...

Great parents make great children. You twp have the magic.